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MagnaD is a boutique integration company, that provides advanced enterprise solutions based on DAML An open-source ecosystem for building smart contract-based distributed applications.

Leveraging our expertise, we help our customers design information applications and efficient, risk reduced processes to integrate them into their existing framework.

Our team is led by skilled developers with vast experience in information systems and we provide state-of-the art information technology at an affordable cost.

What is

DAML is an open-source development framework for rapidly creating systems of record that securely connect across business processes and data boundaries while retaining privacy, guaranteeing data integrity, and enforcing strict authorization.

Most importantly, it decouples applications from underlying storage and consensus, making Daml applications portable and enabling unprecedented privacy and interoperability without trading off consistency.

One of the reasons abstraction layers drive innovation is that they move the focus from the deployment target to the application that runs on top. Developers are exposed to less complexity and can focus on solving business rather than technical problems.Daml is an open-source development framework for rapidly creating systems of record that securely connect across business processes and data boundaries while retaining privacy, guaranteeing data integrity, and enforcing strict authorization.

The combination of portability, unmatched capabilities, and ease of development simultaneously future-proofs investment, opens up new use cases, and de-risks projects.

DAML is a functional language and was designed for distributed business workflows. It helps a developer to focus more on programming business processes by cutting down the amount of time the developer would spend on dealing with encryption and blockchain.


DAML runtime abstracts away the persistence layer and therefore you

DAML applications are storage-agnostic.

DAML focuses on the business logic and therefore allows rapid development producing low cost/low risk applications.

DAML Ensures proper authorization for all actions keeping your information system safe.

DAML Enables signature tracking and by that enables Data lineage.


Design & develop Distributed application

MagnaD helps you develop your full-stack, distributed contract-based application using DAML. With DAML’s capabilities, we can focus on the business logic and rapidly build an end-to-end application.


DAML’s interoperability allows you to develop advanced distributed application for your existing infrastructure while considering you future one. We can help you re-architect your infrastructure to upgrade it and provide solutions to increase your application performance by suggesting the right tools and following best practices. We also help you maintain your DAML application as well as provide support for the deployment platform.


Our experts help you take your application to the next level with DABL. It’s a cloud platform that takes your application from humble beginnings to mass adoption. We leverage the power of DABL in various real-life scenarios like crypto exchanges, loan management platforms, medical claims management, digital rights management, and more.


We are proficient in designing and developing bots for your application that helps to automate certain processes in response to events, making the application easier to use and maintain.


The Opportunity CX Engineer position.

Join the CX Team and work with enterprise clients across industries to enable Daml (the world’s leading framework for building full-stack, distributed applications for DLT and Blockchain) based solutions to multi-party workflows in process and transaction environments. CX Team members provide services to a large and diverse set of clients, and are involved in the end-to-end client relationship from pre-sales and business development, through to solution, design and requirements, through to software delivery and implementation.

As part of this team, the CX Engineer has the opportunity to work directly with global and local organizations to solve real-world problems and advance business-differentiating solutions. In doing so, the CX Engineer will be an expert in using Daml and immersed in the benefits of its unique developer efficiency. To do this the engineer will have to highly technically proficient at writing code in Daml and both object oriented as well as have a familiarity with functional languages such as Java, Scala, Haskell, F#, or Python. Additionally, she / he should have strong client interaction experience.

The work will include working directly with and as part of the global CX team of Digital Asset (DA), a global company with offices around the world, who is the originator of the Daml Blockchain framework

This is a rare opportunity to help define an industry and become one of the founding members of the local dynamic team of technology innovators.

Key Responsibilities

  • Become an expert in applying Daml and our developer tools to solve clients’ workflow opportunities / problems with pragmatic and efficient code; Be able to provide clients assistance in their solutions use of Daml models, development, and integrations.
  • Collect and define requirements based on a dynamic assessment of functional and non-functional capabilities.
  • Develop formal models of business processes and propose innovative improvements to them through pragmatic and efficient code; Contribute to the evolution of Daml and our developer tools.

Key Criteria

  • Strong hands-on, software engineering on large-scale projects; proficient in one or more functional programming languages e.g. Scala, Haskell, F#, ideally in a production environment.
  • Demonstrated experience in a quantitative or highly technical role and/or industry.
  • Demonstrated experience successfully collaborating with others in a dynamic, fast-paced, pressured environment.
  • Capable of taking an abstract idea and turning it into a strategic, pragmatic solution in code.
  • Exceptional communication skills, comfortable presenting complex concepts in front of large client audiences, both technical and non-technical; Ability to effectively summarize and present findings Digital Asset executives and at clients.
  • Excellent computer science fundamentals; command of data structures, algorithms, and design patterns with ability to fluently translate them into working, elegant code.
  • Skilled in leading and working within an Agile environment, including participation in daily scrum meetings, backlog management, sprint definition, and retrospectives, preferably within a global team.
  • BSc, MSc, or PhD in Computer Science, Mathematics or a related field.
send CV to: maerav@magnadint.com


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